This is a collection of thoughts to be shared at will, the reasons arcane, indexed by time and place.


Quantum ambivalence / ambiguity

I guess ambivalence would be allowing yourself to feel more than one way about a single topic or accepting the possibility of more than one conclusion or perspective and not necessarily holding to a particular.

And then with ambiguity we come to the communicative aspect – how to communicate an idea – because you can be ambiguous or strictly straightforward, and the perceiver may have more or less leeway in interpretation – and his interpretation, too, can be quantum – not necessarily one or the other, or none, or both, or he’s just fed up thinking about it so much!



What is “know”? What is “works”?

Also, is what we think we know equal to or the same as what we know?

Further, that which is observed is acted upon. (Uncertainty Principle.)

Then, what is the cost of knowledge? And where does the end lie? Can it be reached?

How does one have faith?


Some amount of pain is necessary. I would like to reduce the pain required to sustain life and still thrive, as I don’t believe the current “balance” is ideal. The vanguard serves its purpose.

If we settle for what is now, we preclude a brighter future. If we continue to choose to avoid short-term pain now, we damn ourselves to long-term pain in the future. This is the mark of sociopathy. Our society is sociopathic.

The memory of pain can serve as a replacement for pain.


Why do correspondences work?  Convenience and Association -or- Necessity and Memory.


For we are not one stagnant being forever immovable. And that is a form of higher truth, which is not singular, but shifting. For the truth is in the effect. There are two truths – truth and Truth. One is flexible and effective, the other is still and unreachable.

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