Just another gal, to be sure

Just another gal insecure in her self-worth who's not willing to do the work to get the guy she deserves, too afraid to engage in self-analysis, but willing to engage whoever can serve her ego best by neither questioning nor challenging her due to the forementioned necrosis. 'Tis a societal psychosis, Take it from a... Continue Reading →

Ego-bots disassemble!

Why do you hate everything green, in your orange livery you enforce on every living thing in this prison scene? If you valued logic over your goddamn ego attire the world would be saved in a day because the truth would be set aglow. You won't get away with denying me because I said things... Continue Reading →


Damn your political correctness, damn your enforced silence, damn your sham courts, public and private and licensed, damn every lie you use to maintain the abuse and mask your use of the law to sustain pain for every soul who stands up to your insane and depraved way of life and doing business. Just because... Continue Reading →

An Inverted Darkness

I will have a world where I can speak my mind without being torn down and terrorized by bullies defending their own insanities. If people cannot get over their fears of losing the false worldviews they cling to with false ears, they need to sit down and shut up and let the grown-ups (their children)... Continue Reading →


The way of Jesus taught in the church doesn't work, or it didn't for me - I couldn't believe because when I tested those liars I was seen as a worthy victim and a pariah and none of these church bitches lifted a finger, instead they blamed me in their jealousy for having a third... Continue Reading →

Wasting time indefinitely in place

We spend our lives preparing for the prize of hawking worthless trinkets to unthinking bigots and are surprised we aren't satisfied when our entire lives are spent pushing worthless bullshit and pushing aside principles like justice, kindness, and healing the sick, to make a quick buck instead of embracing change. What an empty precipice of... Continue Reading →

I won’t be you

I don't want to learn how to win friends and influence people through lies and deceit, I want an honest world where people don't have to retreat from reality and hide everything uncomfortable in a blanket so they can sustain the delusion and fake that everything is fine, letting innocents suffer, unloved and uncovered in... Continue Reading →

Never let it be said

Never let it be said that my results prove me a mistake. Those with a stake in falsehood would have you believe it. My path proves nothing. My truth stands for itself. I am on the end of a spectrum, and so it is to be expected that I struggle in this mediocre pyre where... Continue Reading →

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