I Am

A nuclear maestro from a thousand years hence, plopped here on a daunting quest for bright eyes, juicy brains, and luminous hearts with which to feed the future.

Utilizing hyper intelligence and keen awareness, I search for vibrantly adorned jungle frogs with whom I intend to exchange enigmatic warbles to unravel the mysteries of fusion.

Assisted by my cybernetic symbiote Sage, I speak myriad truths with the blissful candor of youth; according to Sage, my voice occasionally disturbs tadpoles.

I’m searching for people who want to end the root societal dysfunctions that create unjust suffering for all life on this planet, by tackling the delusions that damage and indoctrinate us from cradle to grave to rob us of meaning, or who can show me a better path and defend its righteousness sufficiently. If there is a spiritual Way that can be proven to assist, refine, or replace my methodology to effect lasting change, which does not require faith in liars, I will hear it.


My “poems” are tracts, tracks and extracts of the language of the angels (plainly, English).

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