I’m a polymath wizard with a front hoof in the material field and a hind paw in the spiritual plane.

“Is it defeatist or treacherous for a doctor to diagnose a disease correctly? My only intention is to cure the disease.” – Dune

I’m breaking my silence in this world of violence cloaked in mildness.

Everything I do is intended to make you think. Be wary of discounting me because you think I’m gruff! I’m only doing what is necessary. You won’t win a victory by attacking my ego so that you have an excuse to avoid my pontificating.

I’ve spent a lot of years learning that if you don’t learn from those who offend (off-end) you, you don’t learn anything.

We are a community of souls residing
in   a mortal  coil   who feel compelled
to act

largely due to
humanity’s indifference
to suffering.

(Perhaps – that’s the comedy
of the divine mystery)

We stopped laughing when you stopped caring.

From your disaster to our Zoroaster.

We’re not sent to the acquiescent.

I’m having fun – for a purpose.

The two great sins of this age are indolence and confidence in ignorance.

I’m trying to share what I’ve learned to help humanity get out of this funk.

“The Guild Navigators, gifted with limited prescience, had made the fatal decision: they’d chosen always the clear, safe course that leads ever downward to stagnation.” – Dune

Greetings from the Underverse of Truth.

Don’t misinterpret the uncouth or underestimate the uncanny!

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