No Black & White Rainbow

We don’t all have to be monochrome carbon copies of sugar-coated or sucralose saints. We fill in the blanks in the spectrum of taste in free speech; like waves in the ocean we are unique but we are the same. Heteronomony is a sin against progress of the sovereign soul, but required for those who won’t embrace the virtues of honesty, honor, integrity, & grace in their particular dole. Truth & Justice must prevail in place of weakness and unthinking judgment, and for this a little kind controlled chaos is in order to disturb the face of the waters, lest we be ruled forever by mudmen and trolls who abuse reason and brothers. Sisters, spirit is something other than a humdrum humming or drum beat circles, or a prayer by bleached dry zombies under steeples without choice, and even those against God are more in line with Love than those who worship a false and unfriendly one, preaching for an army of ants to come and forgetting the chorus of angels we are to become. We are to be Born alive, not to die as drones.

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