Bachelor in ‘Paradise’

Princess Corinne from Paradise will choose to get drunk
And falsely accuse a Mario she used for sexual gratification.
Thank God for the cameras or he’d be sent to be raped in prison –
Scratch that, he’s black – mainly whites get targeted there.
Now the faux news media will sweep it under the rug
And focus distraction on Donald Trump’s twit or a rehash of OJ’s glove,
To ignore the implications of false accusations
So common here in this nation and on campus
Where all men are deemed guilty by reason of penis
And sent to hell unloved for crimes uncommitted,
While the media ignores it to keep the land of sin free
Of anyone with knowledge of the insanity
Of innocent until proven guilty being flipped
By an ideology pushed by business and government
In collusion to reduce aversion to the sad state of usin’ slavery
Here in our addled ‘adulthood’ philosophy’s banquet
Of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ – My ass!
They’re full of it – the glass is half full, but it’s filled with shit.
They stole our childhood to replace it with… with this.


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