Damn your political correctness, damn your enforced silence, damn your sham courts, public and private and licensed, damn every lie you use to maintain the abuse and mask your use of the law to sustain pain for every soul who stands up to your insane and depraved way of life and doing business. Just because you think you’re “happy” now doesn’t mean you have a witness. Look to your scriptures, take a new view and expose yourself to the self-condemnation that all good souls willingly suffer to grow the nation and recover what’s been lost under the cover of “you can do no wrong”. Stop ‘interpretating’ everything said to you as an excuse! You assume too much! Re-read! Re-connect! You don’t even know what was said, only what you wanted to hear, so you gloss over it! Do something big! Your mind is trained to seek comfort, not conflict – but only through conflict do we correct issues and change our souls so we need less disorder and can come to a way of peace. How long will you hide from it? Get out of your comfort zone! Passion is peace.


Also, from Stride Toward Freedom by Martin Luther King:

At that time both Negroes and whites accepted the well-established patterns of segregation as a matter of fact. Hardly anyone challenged the system. Montgomery was an easygoing town; it could even have been described as a peaceful town. But the peace was achieved at the cost of human servitude.

Many months later, an influential white citizen of Montgomery was to protest to me:

“Over the years we have had such peaceful and harmonious race relations here. Why have you and your associates come in to destroy this long tradition?”

My reply was simple: “Sir,” I said, “you have never had real peace in Montgomery. You have had a sort of negative peace in which the Negro too often accepted his state of subordination. But this is not true peace. True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice. The tension we see in Montgomery today is the necessary tension that comes when the oppressed rise up and start to move forward toward a permanent, positive peace.”

I went on to speculate that this was what Jesus meant when he said: “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Certainly Jesus did not mean that he came to bring a physical sword. He seems to have been saying in substance: “I have not come to bring this old negative peace with its deadening passivity. I have come to lash out against such a peace. Whenever I come, a conflict is precipitated between the old and the new. Whenever I come, a division sets in between justice and injustice. I have come to bring a positive peace which is the presence of justice, love, yea, even the Kingdom of God.”

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