Lub Dub Flip Flop (pages 1 & 2)

Am I flipped or are you? I do not understand the insanity of your zoo. You keep paper plates right side up exposed to germs and dust so that every new one you pick up is loaded with a crust of yuck, 100 times over – and so I flip over the pile so only the bottom plate’s surface is defiled and every other is clean – but no, you insist on insulting me by flipping it back over out of unthinking uncaring stupidity or just to annoy me – why the fuck do you think I turned it over? You didn’t even take the time to consider it in your blind stupor, to use your conscious mind for even a second, and in work and in traffic you’re as blind too, takin’ a cruise through life and street lights too unthinking and uncaring about the other drivers around you sharing the road (of life and the street), and you’ll over-squeeze avocados to make them bad and get in the way with your shopping cart, ho’s, yet you call me a bad driver for havin’ a beer to survive ya, and you’ll expect me to dumb down my prose and make you my insane wife for life because of your throes? Why do you refuse to use my gifts to make life less full of shitty conflict so you can be healthy and things can flow – you must subconsciously hate me and love conflict or hate peace, because no matter how much I speak you refuse to let go of your fleece and take a peak and maybe consider for once that you don’t know much, you’re a god damn dunce, especially when you refuse to do lunch right and are totally inconsiderate, always wanting to initiate fights, with your subtle mind searching always for something trite to annoy me again with or offend my sense of logic or justice, and you ignore everything I tell you about the bad things going on in the world and insist on living in a dream where all you care about is your precious sleep roundabout and it’s clear you don’t care about me or anyone’s suffering, no not really, even your charity does nothing because it doesn’t change things even in the short term nor in the future of humanity – you don’t care, you ignore me

with the excuse that you don’t trust me but you’d never trust me, you’d always insist on finding some reason to bust me, bust my chops and ignore my advice even though I’ve clearly got open eyes, and you will ask me questions just to manipulate me into disagreeing with you so you have your precious excuse to go back to your life unchanged and ignoring my pleas because you’re not brave enough to face the reality of what you are doing – please trust me, why won’t you be my friend, why do you let everyone suffering rot and pretend you have a world here that’s not rotting to the core, and thinking you can ignore it is just throwing more of a burden on your children – how can you be so very uncaring? And how do you not realize that your blind eyes require you to be in a state of constant false sunrise, of gnosis-interruptis where you can’t use reason or change anything about the seasons only because you’ve committed treason against truth by destroying your conscious mind intentionally to blind yourselves to the reality of the world around you and throw the burden of seeing the truth on the few with the courage to do what’s right after you torture them for several thousand nights until they finally realize it’s your insanity, and then they notice too that they are alone among a crowd that refuses to do anything real, avoiding always the root issues out of fear which has become a desire to abuse anyone who stands up to it all, makes you look in a mirror, so you rob us even of hope, when we are the ones trying to give you hope that things can get better for all – Why the hell have you been made to fall, so far into such a cowardly hole where you drag us all down to keep us all pinned down and in pain, when you need only

Continued here.

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