I won’t be you

I don’t want to learn how to win friends and influence people through lies and deceit, I want an honest world where people don’t have to retreat from reality and hide everything uncomfortable in a blanket so they can sustain the delusion and fake that everything is fine, letting innocents suffer, unloved and uncovered in a rank cesspool of lies and deceit.

You taught me to pretend, to lie to myself and everyone else to defend your delusion that being kind and letting everyone evil walk all over you, choosing to stand idly by and watch babies being tortured by your unnurturing smorgasbord, as if this is the path for the final reward, that this is the bread of life.

You cause good men to do nothing. You train and enslave them from birth to unearth the coward within them and bury the untoward hero who stands up for justice, all so you can pretend your system of chaos musters good enough, where the playground and boardrooms are rough war zones of fragile egos where no ones gets along.

I am done with being victim blamed and shamed for naming what you have become and what you insist on perpetuating – the evil torture of even more souls in the future with your short-sighted plan to make all ignore reality.

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