The way of Jesus taught in the church doesn’t work, or it didn’t for me – I couldn’t believe because when I tested those liars I was seen as a worthy victim and a pariah and none of these church bitches lifted a finger, instead they blamed me in their jealousy for having a third leg they envied, and tried to condemn me to the fires of insanity to breathe their toxic fumes building up lies to hide all the suffering their warped ways cause and have caused, yet still these nancies refuse to repent and sow a true seed that doesn’t starve the innocent and bleed saints dry with hypocrisy and isolation among devils who only care about recitation and blindness and refuse to do anything to end this antichrist highness that keeps so many in pain intentionally to sustain its clear delusion, in collusion with every enemy of the state of peace, not a peace of indolence but a positive active peace with the presence of justice, just like the King said.

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