Ego-bots disassemble!

Why do you hate everything green, in your orange livery you enforce on every living thing in this prison scene?

If you valued logic over your goddamn ego attire the world would be saved in a day because the truth would be set aglow.

You won’t get away with denying me because I said things that “made” you uncomfortable! Grow a pair gov’nor, you’re the one in control of your reaction! Have you no clothes?

If you can’t defend your position, you hide from it with your feet or your fleet of words in logical fallacy, all so you don’t have to see the uncomfortable reality! Avoidance is indifference and this is evil! Unroll your sleeves.

Why do I value truth while others only value their ego? Because they are selfish, and I am not nearly so? Not so, I am in philanthropist’s garb because I can’t abide in a world that condones everyone else’s suffering.

Someone else can shoulder the responsibility of the necessity to cushion the truth for the little ones, I can’t do it – I’m just here to provide the guns, and I can’t compromise my aim with blank rounds.

I won’t repeat Pinocchio’s mistake, to lie to get Geppetto to make me a real boy, to fit in with the phonies. Authenticity is the path to the soul. I am no toy for the wood carvers to shape into a hollow marionette on their conveyor belt.

The ego defense is a defense against altering one’s current path because people are lazy and afraid of learning and change – which keeps us all ignorant and in chains ’cause nothing broken ever gets fixed and we’re stuck repeating the same old tick tock tricks, cycling in insanity ’cause we won’t face reality, to take a step back and look at how we’re coasting along like robots not challenging ourselves and not challenging injustices around us. Because of this, the ego-driven attack each other in mechanical droves. This is why people put each other down – the true bullies, deceptive in the boardrooms, chatrooms, and behind media desks.

They want you to either destroy your ego or further secure the one they’ve planted in you. The ego should be your tool, not your enemy! It is a gift, so how will you use it? Or will you let it wear you?

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