An Inverted Darkness

I will have a world where I can speak my mind without being torn down and terrorized by bullies defending their own insanities. If people cannot get over their fears of losing the false worldviews they cling to with false ears, they need to sit down and shut up and let the grown-ups (their children) decide what to do with this existence, because by refusing to acknowledge they’ve failed in their mission they fail again, more severely than before, by double-downing on delusion, to defend their fragile ego in collusion with a failing system, and if they cannot make this admission and refuse to go through the short term pain of coming to terms with the mistakes and motions they’ve embraced, then they are cowards not worthy to sustain anything, let alone to have a say or a vote – we’ve had enough of the ignorant ruling and condemning the sensitive and aware to torturous drooling and cognitive dissonance and dark nights of the soul incidents unsupported by those who claim to love us but love appeals to popularity far more than authenticity – the entire process of socialization in this defunct soulless nation is designed to numb and subdue and lull us so we lose all awareness of Horus and live in a tight bubble where nothing gets through to show us what we must do to stop lying to ourselves and our children, that the system as it stands today is not perfect nor joyous but extremely flawed and should be outlawed.

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