The Sycophant Speaks

The sycophant speaks, supporting slavery. Be a good slave, it says, and you will be rewarded. The gods honor only cowardice, this slave tells us.

The gods laugh. The slave slinks away, too afraid and ashamed even to pout, for all is purposeless, and no one is anything worth anything. She has become numb, lifeless, castrata.

This form of whoredom represents the New Age of Nihilism.

Man is made in Our image. Do we seek worthless puppets with no fight in them, who encourage their brothers toward death and failure because that is all they personally have known?

Once it was translated “God is no respecter of persons.” The true translation is “God is no respecter of the soulless (impotent).”

You push a humility that was never intended. We have enough of your weak. Humility before the gods, Strength before men.

Man is born a virgin; he is not meant to remain so all his life. Save your gentle poisons for the eunuchs, women, and slaves, widow.

Your salve could kill a man. Did your mother never wean you? A soldier needs the milk of the poppy only at death. DO NOT feed it to him in his most virile years.

Crawl in your cocoon and sleep, siren, and when the fire comes to drown you, your squeals will echo through myriad corridors, and all legged creatures will feel the reverberations. Your wings won’t free you then; your breath will fan the flames.

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