Wake up or starve

How is it you only care about bare survival
When the future survival of the human race is at stake?
Why do you not want a thriving humanity that can never bleed
Away into dwindling infinity?
How sorry are you for not striving for more
And settling for less?
Why do you think it’s okay to keep people in pain
So you can pretend you’re sane?
You do nothing to end suffering.
You only pretend with false generosities to charities that do more to hurt than to help.
I am so tired of watching your wheels spin
To try to find another excuse to ignore what you’re doin’.
Stop it. You have already made yourselves so ignorant and stupid
Out of the cowardice of the unwillingness to face what you have done
That you are creating even more havoc and you no longer know anything about what’s going on.
You have to face reality. I’m sorry. It has to be done.
Nothing will ever improve if you insist on ignorance as your calling card.
You are ruining the future by sticking your heads in the sand.
Stop it. Wake up. Stop closing your minds. Open your heads.
Stop pretending that if it feels good it is enough. It is not. Emotions lie (often).
Or have you never watched a drama?
Come on. Break out of your shells. You are so god damn scared of finding out something surprising that you get stuck in these narrow realms where nothing gets through, and you just let everyone else suffer, and you just don’t care.
Do you think God wants a race of creatures who just don’t care about anything outside themselves? Who refuse to even look outside their narrow circle of influence except at comforting distractions that aren’t REAL problems but just easy targets, like everything on the TV?
Stop it. You are failing yourselves, the future, and God.
Wake up. Elope from your chains of forgetfulness.
Wake up. Your soul is on a starvation diet.
Wake up.

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