Empty Words

You wanna complain about my word choice,
We’ve got bigger fish to fry,
the world around is an oil fire,
and your withering water won’t save it,
only free speech- is that plain enough for you in your blankety beach?
I stew because you force me to speak
in riddles to save my life and yours,
Will you ever thank me? What, with a
fuck? I can get that from
Rosé, she’s a far finer lover than
you’ll ever be, but you don’t love
anyway, you use and abuse
and beat down your enemies,
the only ones who will love you,
while handing your souls over
to tillers of the mundane who
fill your bellies with hay.
Hay is for horses but I won’t give you that
honor, you’re worse than Pharaoh’s princess’s daughter
and less consistent, that’s part of your magic,
keeps you dark and distant, you think you’re a mystic, but you’ll
never be loved that way, but do I stray to reveal
this today, when your only motivation is
to fearfully stay in your tower of power, your pyramid’s cowl, and a
soul is just a number and a name to
you, stolen from whomever you
choose to rape in a new way
every day
because you cannot say
“Am I wrong?”

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