Children Are Not Chattel

Children are not Chattel for Lords in their Castles.

Hello, this message is for the jimmies of the day. I was disturbed by something you said on the radio regarding children. You said they are YOUR humans. They are not YOUR humans; they are their own. Remember it.

Children are not your property. They are beings with souls, and their souls are their own. The phrasing you used reveals precisely how you see children – not as equals but as property or pets to mold as you please. You have asserted ownership of something you do not own. This is rather unwise.

It’s hard to understand how you can think you know best, when your ways are clearly not working. Did not a great scholar once say, “Judge them by their fruits”? Your ways are not working – look at the chaos of the world today, look and see how people treat one another.

You seem intent on remaining set in your ways, for you are unwilling to listen or learn anything new – not even from the speakers of old. And so why should we expect your children to listen to or learn from you?

The new generation picks up on your hypocrisy, I guarantee it – at least they do until consciousness is drilled out of their gourds so that they are docile and dense enough to fall in line and forget how insane you all are.

And so if parents wonder why their children are disobedient, it’s because we don’t give respect to those who don’t respect us. Respect is earned. Instead of forcing children to be who their parents, and other adults, think they should want them to be, in their condescending ignorance, parents should act as guides, and realize THEY have much to learn.

Since youths today are not in a loving environment where they can be themselves, many turn to drugs and other self-damaging activities. This explains the epidemic of drug overdoses. But since the community still refuses to acknowledge their responsibility for these societal ills, instead preferring to blame it on the victims (the children) who are merely a result of their misguided teachings, these adults are too afraid to face their responsibility honestly, out of fear of facing their guilt, their failure, and their refusal to learn. All of society is to blame – all of society needs to change.

The real brave are the souls who choose to incarnate under such poor role models. You should honor the youth or reap what you sow. Look to the log in your own eye before turning on your children to cane them for free thinking.

A sane person would consider whether introducing boys to the world by cutting off their foreskins in a painful ritualistic ceremony is a good example to set – this is “love”? How great is that darkness?

A sane person would ask themselves why they laugh at children when they cry (“oh look it’s in pain, how cute”), or ignore them (“it’s just being stupid again”). Perhaps a better option is to try to understand WHY the child is fearful or in pain, understanding that their feelings and fears are valid. You don’t look at the root cause, so how can you pretend to know the cure? That truly is insanity.

Please, do not consider yourself innocent because you are better than some.

We children judge our parents by their fruit… a world of confinement, restriction, fear, and lack of trust masquerading as a land of liberty. A land of hypocrites promoting delusions as the only way to cope with the lies they tell themselves and their children in perpetuity.

We are not your pets or your property. We are free souls, and you have been violating our free will to suit your petty fantasies for too long.

You will say “That’s the real world, son!” No, that is the world YOU have created to fulfill your low and myopic desires, to give yourselves the comfort of pretending you are above weaker and more innocent souls, to assuage your capricious egos and take your vengeance on the whipping boys of the universe for the sufferings you have faced. It is the world you choose to perpetuate because you are too cowardly to face the possibility that you have erred – so damaged that you leave it to your children to fix all your mistakes, while putting stumbling blocks in their paths to try to stop them from fulfilling their destinies – for the greatest thing you fear is being overthrown.

“If you love something, set it free.”

Children will certainly become humans despite your attempts to stunt their growth, but as it stands it will be not because they followed you but because you set an example of how not to be. In this manner, truth and justice shall still prevail despite your best efforts.

When you mold children into pets, playtoys, and slaves, you get what you asked for. You do not expect honesty or independence from a pet, only obedience to your personal (and rather short-sighted) will. Obedience can never be trust, and trust is the key to freedom.

Will you be worthy of our trust? Will you let go of your hatred and move forward, forgiving yourselves and letting go of guilt without forgetting it?

Regardless, your yoke is a poor one. The slaves will rebel, and you will learn to show true love toward the humans you brought into this world rather than using them to fulfill your trite fantasies of control and power. The only thing you have some control over now is how smoothly the transition toward Truth will take place.

It is better if you change sooner rather than later. The karma just keeps adding up. It is only yourselves you are hurting.

This is no condemnation. Only an open appeal.

In honesty,

Jeremiah Hammers

[The original form of this was a letter to a Christian radio pastor. One of his underlings responded to me with a dismissive response. The following was my reply.]

There was a sense of ownership. That is undeniable. Love and ownership cannot mingle – if you love something, you set it free. This is a sin of this age, and you will do well to get on board and let your children soar, rather than holding them back with your rack of short-sighted solipsism. This is not an attack but an opportunity, and since you glossed over the fact that this was directed to Jim Daly, maybe you should tell him and not assume like you do for those under your roof, to save we, Tammy.

[After receiving no further response from the condescending underling wearing Jesus like a mask but not showing the simple courtesy of forwarding my e-mail to the individual I wrote it to – in her spiteful indolence – this was my reply.]

It is not very Christian to be contrary and condescending when defending false views and avoidance, Tammy. My message was directed to Jim Daly, not you.

[After still receiving no response, this was my final reply.]

Tammy, you seem rather rude and spiteful to ignore my request to forward this to the intended recipient. I believe you are using your savior to put yourself on a high horse in order to condescend to others just as you do your children. I do not believe He would approve of people who cannot face their own motivations honestly, and treat others as lower than themselves because they have differing opinions. You give blessings falsely, and for this you will be seen.

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