Still Waters

I thought "Phil" was love, but the "Dr." doesn't use a glove when he spreads a gross meme that men are s'posed to run when women threaten them with an exposed gun for fun - or when a psycho teen mom on the tube abuses her man in front of her own son and her... Continue Reading →

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No Black & White Rainbow

We don't all have to be monochrome carbon copies of sugar-coated or sucralose saints. We fill in the blanks in the spectrum of taste in free speech; like waves in the ocean we are unique but we are the same. Heteronomony is a sin against progress of the sovereign soul, but required for those who... Continue Reading →


They shall claim the battle is won with an appeal to popularity, while we know the war is won in truth. I let go of reliance on shaming tactics and emotional appeals on the playground in 3rd grade. Now I rest in reason, while their routine results only in suffering. Clowns will have their trivial... Continue Reading →

The Assassin

In this addled land where men and boys whose gentle adoration brings to long too long for beauty's passion are rewarded with condemnation of perverts and pacifists in ransom, is it any wonder we revert to idling on the warped and ugly definition to save our grace? And since in guilt none listen, nothing is... Continue Reading →

Age of Horus fragment 1

It's the Age of Horus babes, so hop on board Harry Potter. Adults are addled, a rotten cord - look at their wasteful ways, and cut through. Children of the corn awake, and bring the Sun! Ears of many years are open wide to hear the chiding of the pride of hypocrites. Take your Hippocratic... Continue Reading →

Oh So Judicious Delicious

Roles and expectations are judgments in disguise Look at the results - a world of soulless sellouts Yet you pretend you're enlightened and aware Though you are ignorant and rudely prideful bigots, Your piety a masque to blind you and others For your decisions are made based on fear alone, Your criterion is singular -... Continue Reading →

Bachelor in ‘Paradise’

Princess Corinne from Paradise will choose to get drunk And falsely accuse a Mario she used for sexual gratification. Thank God for the cameras or he'd be sent to be raped in prison - Scratch that, he's black - mainly whites get targeted there. Now the faux news media will sweep it under the rug... Continue Reading →


The same bullies who will bully anti-bullying laws into existence will bully me for not thinking the same way they do about things - like, fix the psychology malady that causes bullying in the first place - but then they'd have to fix themselves and their culture, and these bigots don't want that... No, never... Continue Reading →

Lub Dub Flip Flop (pages 3, 4, 5)

Continuing from Pages 1 & 2- a grain of mustard seed to have the strength to see that you need to┬ádo something to change your reality and stop abandoning me and attacking me for pointing out the truth I see that is not a logical fallacy though I often wish it was. If you won't... Continue Reading →

I am your pork loin

You beat me to tenderize me You broil me in a pan to squeeze every stink out of me into the open air You dispose of the rank juices that you created by cooking me, as if they never should've been aired You expect to eat me once you cover me in barbecue sauce so... Continue Reading →

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